What it costs

We are open, upfront and honest about our costs.

Nobody can provide a completely free banking service but we prefer clarity, so you can see which services you need to pay for, like the £9.95 monthly fee.

Some banks use unplanned overdrafts and bounced payment fees which means their banking isn’t actually “free” at all.

At Sprout we’re all about transparency. We don’t have overdrafts and all our costs are upfront. Plus we make sure you have a free alternative for the most popular services, for which charges normally apply.


Lots of free stuff

  • It’s FREE to make purchases in the UK
  • It’s FREE to pay your wages or other income into your account
  • It’s FREE to get cashback from supermarkets and other retailers
  • It’s FREE to pay a bill from your account (unless it’s urgent then the fee is just £3)
  • Use your card to pay online or over the phone

With our cashback and fantastic online rewards, you can use your Engage card to reduce or even eliminate costs such as the £9.95 monthly fee – it’s a tool to save pounds.

For example:
An average weekly grocery shop of £90 at one of our participating retailers would deliver cashback of approximately £140 alone per annum

Fees and Limits

On Application
Card Issue Fee Free
Additional Card Fee £5.00
Limits £10.00 minimum initial load
£5,000 maximum card balance
£250 maximum ATM withdrawal per day
Usage Restrictions Primary cardholders must be 18 years or over
Additional cardholders must be 13 years or over
You may not use your card at Pay at Pump petrol stations
Additional cards share the primary cards funds
Ongoing Features
Transactions Fees Free per purchase in the UK
£1.00 plus 2.75% of the transaction value per International purchase
Cash Withdrawals Fees 75p per UK ATM withdrawal
£2.00 plus 2.75% of the transaction value per International withdrawal
Balance Enquiry Free online and by calling Customer Services (calls cost £0.05p per minute from a BT landline)
10p per SMS message*
10p per ATM balance enquiry
Top-Up Fees and Limits 50p plus 2.5% per load via PayPoint (maximum load amount of £249)
FREE per load by bank transfer (maximum £5,000)
Service Fees £9.95 Monthly management charge
(?rst charge within 45 days of card request)
Replacement Card Fees £5.00 Lost/stolen/damaged replacement card
Other Fees FREE Transaction history, contact us, notify lost and stolen card online
Free PIN reset (calls cost 5p per minute from a BT landline)
£1.50 Paper statements per 62 day period
10p per SMS message for con?rmation of ATM withdrawals and purchases*
50p Card to card transfer on receiving payment
£15.00 per CHAPS (same day) transfer request from account
FREE per future dated bank transfer request from account
£3.00 per next day transfer request from account
£20.00 Regular International bank transfer from account
Transaction Revocation £5.00 Administration fee

*standard operator SMS charges apply for balance requests and additional charges may apply to receive SMS information outside the UK

Cancellation or Redemption £2.00 Redemption fee
£2.00 Application cancellation fee
Expiry Prepaid Card is valid for 36 months
Must be used 3 months prior to expiry for automatic re-issue