How it works

Sprout Account is a new and ideal alternative to a traditional bank account. We aim to be fair, friendly and fresh!

You can make a fresh start with a personal online Sprout Account.

The Sprout Account is open to everyone subject to identification and residency (you must be at least 18 years of age and a UK resident) and it’s quick and easy to apply. If you’re like so many people and find yourself constantly going overdrawn then we can help.


Using your Sprout Account is easy

  • Have your wages or other income paid into your Sprout Account
  • Pay cash in at any Paypoint outlet
  • No Credit Checks
  • A straightforward account, open to everyone regardless of past financial problems.
  • Budgeting tools and advice links to help you manage your money and set up bill payments to get you back on track

It’s all included in the £9.95 monthly fee, plus cashback at many high street stores.

Plus help is on hand

Envelopes – the easy way to budget

Income is paid into your account

When your income is paid into your account your bill money is placed into your Envelopes and when the bills are due they get paid…


Set up your virtual Envelopes

Money to pay essential bills like rent or mortgage, council tax or utilities is held in virtual Envelopes so you can’t accidently spend it. You simply tell envelopes when and how you want to pay them.

Access to your surplus money

Any money left over is transferred to your Sprout Account for you to spend in shops or withdraw cash via cashback or ATM.

Keep track of what’s coming in and going out
and never miss a payment again

Easy access to your account

Mobile access

Want mobile access to your account? With a Sprout Account you can use the Engage App to access your finances. Check your balance, transfer money, make payments and view statements.


Telephone access

If you prefer to speak to a person you can use telephone access. Our UK based call centre staff are on hand to help 6 days a week. You can find out your balance, review recent transactions, make a payment or transfer money in the UK or abroad.

Text and Email alerts

Our text alert service can help you to manage your money. Simply register for the service and tell us what alerts are important to you and we’ll do the rest. The text alert service has a fee of 10p per SMS.